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"A leader is not born in a day but in the fire—tried in the battle and proven in the tests of life. This is Ceitci’s story and the message she portrays in her book Motivated by the Impossible. If you want to learn how to get strength from the battles you currently face, this book is a must read."

Bill Wilson
Ph.D., Founder & Pastor – Metro World Child

"Since she became a follower of Jesus Christ, Ceitci’s entire life has been a continuum of faith, adventure, and personal growth. In her book Motivated by the Impossible: Recognizing Your Invisible Mentors, she creatively wraps events from her own experience with principles to motivate people to believe beyond the possible. This is a book for old and young alike, a challenge to new and seasoned faith, and ultimately a testimony to the faithfulness of God Himself to all who will trust Him completely."

LaDonna Osborn
D.Min., President & CEO – Osborn Ministries International

"Ceitci’s writing weaves together biblical insight, psychological understanding, and powerful stories in a beautiful tapestry of truth and inspiration. Each chapter invites the reader to engage in an interactive journey of discovery. Ceitci models courage and vulnerability as she generously allows us a front-row seat to what she learned from the invisible mentors in her life. We glean from the gift she offers, inspired toward fully becoming all that God has for us to be! I recommend this book to any person willing to be motivated by the impossible."

Beth Russell
M.A., LCPC, LPC, NCC, Executive Director – Serenity Life Resource Center

"It's good to see another motivator out there helping to change people's lives... I believe in the message of this book and highly recommend it!"

Tim Storey
World Renowned Author, Motivational Speaker & Life Coach

"As you read through Ceitci’s book, purpose will be defined at the core of your being. The strength in each chapter will lift you above the external circumstances of life, and you will examine where you are and why you are there. Every chapter will snatch you from your present spiritual location and challenge you to go beyond what you considered was possible as you “embrace the impossibility.” Ceitci has successfully orchestrated a verbal musical that will resound in your soul and cause your spirit to sing again. She has taken characters from the Bible and given them new life and relevance to our own journey as she also reveals her life experiences. This book will captivate you for hours. Absolutely refreshing!""

Dave Dolan
Senior Pastor – New Life Church

"Many times, the difference between success and failure is perspective. In her book Motivated by the Impossible, Ceitci draws deep from the places of impossibility to motivate a current generation to arise to their purpose. Using her personal stories, she inspires the leader within the reader to see beyond the impossible to a life filled with joy and success. Allow this book to clean the lenses of your past and help you see the future that God has designed for you."

Luke Hodges
Lead Pastor – Northstar Church

"When I think of my dear friend, the words nothing is impossible come to mind. I met Ceitci when we were both teenagers at Victory Bible College in Tulsa. She had just arrived to America with $100 in her pocket and 100 English words. Over the years, I have personally watched her tackle every challenge that life could throw at her with tenacity and unwavering faith that has been a constant source of inspiration for my own life. This book uncovers the untold stories of how she’s done it, and it has launched me into a new revelation of how to take the adversities of life and turn them into a catalyst to fulfill the dreams inside my heart."

Christa Baca
Cofounder – Go International

"From the moment I met Ceitci, I have known her to be a woman after God’s heart. It has been my privilege to walk with her as my “spiritual daughter” through many seasons of life. You will be very blessed reading her latest book, Motivated by the Impossible. In each of the chapters, you will savor unique stories from Ceitci’s past used as a springboard to a life message. A surprise awaits at each conclusion where the reader can insert his or her unique life experience in an imagery exercise. Each chapter builds on the previous one, encouraging the reader to reach his or her destiny. Motivating and captivating, she challenges her readers to move forward in their journey."

Laurie Hobart
President - Changing a Generation

"Motivated by the Impossible is a must read for anyone who values personal growth, embracing his or her greatest potential and the strength needed to live in such a way! Ceitci’s insight in correlation with her personal stories brings the truth in this book to life! I found it completely inspiring and compelling to incorporate these insights daily. It’s so far beyond a self-help book…it’s transformative in the best way possible. I have been able to identify and strengthen many areas of my life as a result. My life is certainly enriched, and I believe that yours will be too."

Brey Noelle
Entertainer/Online Personality

"The power of this book is that its author has lived out the keys, principles, and truths presented in it. Through her own life experiences, historical events, and biblical examples, Ceitci shows how obstacles, traumas, and even mistakes, can be seen and used as opportunities to learn, grow, and be transformed. Ceitci writes in very practical, real-life terms that are easy to relate to, grasp, and apprehend. Anyone who reads this book will come to a deeper understanding of transformation, the process of being conformed to the image of Jesus Christ."

Barry Lenhardt
Lead Pastors – International Life Center

"This is one of the most powerful, mentally engaging, spiritually uplifting and motivational books that I have read in a long time. The author, Ceitci Demirkova is a personal friend and an incredibly gifted writer and public speaker. As soon as I've read the book the second time and marked it up, it will find a home in my library next to T.L. Osborn, LaDonna Osborn, Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie and Norman Vincent Peale. I highly recommend this book! It is a must-read for any person in a leadership role."

Cory Nickerson
Osborn Ministries International

"Captivating true stories combined with research-based advice on how to change your brain chemistry to produce positive results in your life. As the author writes, "this book will... give you the ability to view the broken pieces of life as a kaleidoscope that creates a beautiful picture... properly illuminated." Biblical examples underscore current psychology to create a blueprint to turn your heartaches into opportunities of impact, which the author identifies as invisible mentors."

Gypsy Meadows
Founder & CEO - India's Children

"This book is awesome! It couldn't be made more clear that God loves us right where we are. This book is inspiring, helpful, encouraging, spiritual, interactive, so well written. I've had the extreme pleasure of meeting the author, Ceitci, hearing her speak is incredible. She's a wonderful motivational speaker. If you ever get the chance to hear her speak, you won't be sorry. She has an incredible story."

Shawna Appel
Tonasket, WA

"When people talk about taking a ‘personal inventory’ and using all the ‘self-help’ tools out there I do one thing: nothing. Mainly because my first thought is: “Well, that’s not for me, I don’t need that.” Not only does “Motivated by the Impossible” walk you through how to look at things in life, but also walks you through what to do with those experiences, how to use them to your advantageand how to be better from it. God has so much more for you but sometimes we push it aside because it looks too hard. So…. you still don’t need it? Shut up and read. Thank you Ceitci for being real and for showing us how to use the realness in our lives to our advantage!"

Cherrie Tapp
Staff - Metro World Child

"This book is truly one of a kind. Ceitci's engaging style grips the heart and soul as she paints vivid word pictures illustrating how the most challenging experiences in her life became her "invisible mentors." These experiences motivated her to realize the "seemingly impossible" dreams that God placed on her heart as a poor child growing up in communist Bulgaria. Her dreams were to help orphans and empower the disadvantaged in many different countries, something she has done through the nonprofit organization she founded. Her unforgettable stories are Scripturally based and she takes her readers on an interactive journey where she invites them to fill in and personalize a drawing at the end of each chapter. This creative exercise inspires readers to open their hearts to realize their own "impossible" God-given dreams. She even backs up her stories and principles with sound psychological research. This delightful book helps readers to see that the biggest challenges of life can be the invisible teachers God uses to help them become all that He intends for them to be."

Margaret La Pointe
Prisoners of Christ Outreach Ministries




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